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A Marine Wildlife Safe training course for Namibia

In all encounters with marine wildlife, it is of primary importance that the safety and wellbeing of the wildlife is respected. Otherwise, we risk harming or disturbing the wildlife, making such encounters unsustainable. In the long term, this has repercussions not only for the marine environment but also for any tourism industry reliant upon it. Namibia's marine wildlife-watching industry has grown considerably in recent years. As our waters become busier, additional strains can be placed on wildlife already facing numerous anthropogenic threats. It is in everyone's interest to reduce disturbance to marine wildlife to a minimum, and MarWiSe sets out to help you achieve this, whether you are a marine tour operator, a recreational sea-user or simply interested in the conservation of Namibia's unique marine animals.

The MarWiSe course is based on best-practice principles of marine wildlife-watching from around the world, and on the UK-based, internationally-respected WiSe Scheme. It consists of a full day of training. After an introduction to the identification, biology and ecology of the key marine species encountered on the water (whales and dolphins, seals, marine turtles, sunfish and sea birds), the course covers cetacean (whale and dolphin) behaviour, effects of disturbance, operating procures on the water and a Code of Conduct for marine tour boats.

For more information on MarWiSe, contact Ruth Leeney (

The following people completed MarWiSe training in February 2012:

  • Werner Ahrens (Catamaran Charters)
  • Peter Bridgeford (freelance guide)
  • Bernd Curschmann (Lemon Reel)
  • Eduard du Toit (Ocean Adventures)
  • Linja Erlank (Sun Sail Catamarans)
  • Martinette Fourie (Ocean Adventures)
  • Craig Gibson (Namibia Kayak Tours)
  • Elrico Greenwood (Dolphin Tours)
  • Johann Horn (Laramon)
  • Peter Karsten (Laramon)
  • Sandra Knop (freelance guide)
  • Mike Lloyd (Catamaran Charters)
  • Duan Oppermann (Dolphin Tours)
  • Lisa Oppermann (Dolphin Tours)
  • Jeanne Meintjes (Eco Marine Kayak)
  • Hazel Milne (Eco Awards Namibia)
  • Hans-Jorg Möller (Sun Sail Catamarans)
  • Johann Mostert (Levo Tours)
  • Bernd Nietner (Eco Marine Kayak)
  • Anke Röhl (Sun Sail Catamarans)
  • Armin Schuff (freelance guide)
  • Walter Schaefer (Mola Mola)
  • Basilia Shivute (environmental consultant)
  • Peter van der Merve (Levo Tours)
  • Archie van der Merwe (Laramon)
  • Marko Van Vuuren (Catamaran Charters)
  • Simon Wearne (Uri Adventures)

This course was funded by the Rufford Small Grants Foundation, with support from Fourth Element and the WiSe Scheme.

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