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BioGasPro - A system that allows you to integrate waste management systems including composting, recycling, wastewater treatment and reuse and produce renewable energy on site. Clean energy from waste. Zero emissions. Nutrient and water recycling. Naturally.

Botanical Society of Namibia

The Botanical Society of Namibia can be contacted to request expert assistance in any aspects of plants and indigenous gardens, including plant identification.

Carbon Neutral Tourism Report

An introduction to the concept of carbon neutral tourism and how to achieve it.

Construction guidelines for new lodges

Deserts Secrets natural body care products

Deserts Secrets body care products are handmade with the purest ingredients mainly sourced from Namibian plants grown and wild - harvested sustainably. We buy directly from the local producers ensuring that the benefits go directly to the local communities.

Energy efficiency in building - An introduction

An introductory document in plain English that explains how building uses 60% of all energy used on earth and what steps we can take to reduce the amount of energy consumed. By Nina Maritz.

Energy Efficiency tips for Tourism in Namibia

Ideas on how electrical consumption can be reduced in many small ways that can make a big difference.

Good Practice Handbook

A good practice guide to help avoid the negative impacts of development. Sections deal with: 

  • Conservation
  • Water management
  • Waste management and sewerage disposal
  • Energy management
  • Sustainable & appropriate construction & landscaping
  • Staff development
  • Social responsibility and human welfare

Information on weeds and invasive plants

Information on weeds and invasive plants from the Namibian Invasive Alien Species Working Group (NIASWG)

Manual on Maintenance & Minor Repairs on Buildings

A Manual on Maintenance & Minor Repairs on Buildings for Schools, Hostels, Offices, Farms, Guest Farms, Lodges incorporating “Schools Lasting Longer” including Tips on Environmental Best Practices

National Botanical Research Institute (NBRI) of the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry

The National Botanical Research Institute offers a Plant Identification service which may be of use to establishments who would like to approach experts to help them with identifying alien and indigenous plants at their establishments. Contact person: Ms Silke Rugheimer. NBRI, Private Bag 13184, Windhoek. Tel: 061 202-9111.

Recycling of beverage and other metal cans

For recycling of used beverage and other metal cans.
Tel: 061 230 006
Fax: 061 264 386

Recycling of electronic waste

Transworld Cargo in Windhoek and Walvis Bay offers a free collection service for electronic waste which will then be recycled. They will collect e-waste such as computers, printers, cellphones, TVs, hi-fis, toasters, radios etc. Contact them to arrange collection.

Responsible Travel Guidelines TOSCO and EcoAwards Namibia

The ultimate guide to exploring Namibia ethically and responsibly.

Tourism is one of the fastest-growing industries worldwide and in Namibia in particular. Many visitors to Namibia seek to experience its pristine nature, but travelling can be harmful and have an adverse effect on the environment. Travel responsibly the Namibian way, by following our travel guidelines.

Sustainable Tourism Certification Alliance Africa

The Sustainable Tourism Certification Alliance Africa (the “Alliance”), formerly known as the Sustainable Tourism Network Southern Africa (STNSA).